Sonntag, Mai 21, 2006

Back again


Victor Ens hat gesagt…

Cool drawing, Tony!
I miss your Lifedrawings, man. You should post some.

Tony hat gesagt…

Hi Victor,
thanks for the comment above, I know I have to practice more doing lifedrawings! First I have to prepare for my lessons at the Animation School. I spoke to Michael Verhülsdonk and I think that we will start our own animation studio!! The rooms, they are located in the "Schanze" look pretty cool! There is lot of work to be done, but I look forward to accomplish our mission.
Have you been successful with your new direction, it's a pitty that you have to do that, but maybe a good alternative! I'm doing the same, you have more possibilies, sure!!

Nice evening,
maybe we can e-mail next week!!


Victor Ens hat gesagt…

Your own Studio ?!??! (:o D
Cool news, man !!!!!!

I can't really say if I have been successful, yet. But they were quite impressed by the work I've done so far, although it has very less to do with the new job. We will see next week.
Let's mail !! :-)