Sonntag, September 14, 2008

cartoonist hater comment on david gemmills blog

awesome comment!!!!!!

From my good buddy sam:

" Sam said...

Wow. Hey David. You're a loser. Seriously. All your cartoons look like they were written by 12 year olds. How old are you? almost 25? What's funny about your blog is sometimes you go on rants critizizing fine artists for not animating cartoons when you know if they did they'd easily be a thousand times better than anything you've made. your entire animation portfolio is on Newgrounds for christ's sake. Yeah that's not sad and pathetic at all. What a sucessful life you have. You and all the other Spumco copy-cat bloggers are beyond pathetic and should be ahamed to even call yourselves artists. It's funny how you all think you're epicly changing the world of animation together. How? by posting immature cartoony drawings only a 12 year old would truly find entertaining. Yeah that's really raising the bar on artistic ability there. You are one of the saddest groups I've seen on the internet. You'll probably still be doing this well into your 30's.
Suicide isn't that hard you know."

I thought i would share this with everyone. These are the type of people on blogger and on the internet who apparently hate cartoonists. Also i suppose he is insulting all the people who enjoy my work who aren't 12 year olds.

I guess i just don't deal with critizizm that well. AHEM i mean CRITICISM. Oh the IRONY!

Sam the Man. Another reason why i will keep making silly cartoons. Just for you sam.

you will get a special thanks in my next cartoon. Sorry i can't do a comic about how awesome you are, i am too busy doing other shit.

Check out David's blog!!!!!!!!

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