Donnerstag, Juli 14, 2011 out!!!!!

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Ryan Storm hat gesagt…

Hey Tony!

I'm Ryan Storm, creator of a series currently in production known as the "Water Hole."
I won't give away too much of the basic plot until I hear further from you however.
I saw on John Kricfalusi's blog, (to which I am a frequent goer) that you were hoping for some kind of work/help with Toon Boom animate.
Well I have just the thing for you, the series I'm working on needs all the help it can get!
Right now it's just me and two of my friends, but I'm hoping to expand on it, considering I do the majority of the work.
I've seen some of your work and we share a similar style so it'd be easy for us to work with each other.

I can clear up any details via e-mail, just contact me at:

ps: I don't speak German, but I could try to learn some if necessary.